Naomi Westlake is an artist living in London. 

For enquiries:


I'm primarily interested in the body and what is communicated without the voice. In my professional role as a nurse, I care for bodies and minds that are bruised or burned, hungry or healing. I talk to people about the histories they carry, the scars they bear, the despair they feel, and the hope they find.

My work explores the tension between these states of mind and the fugitive bodies that hold them in place. I make art that reflects on our bodies being our unhomely homes, labeling them with the things that I imagine they would say, or with the acts I imagine they would commit when no one was watching. I decontextualize the body, and then I reconstruct it.

My goal is to make art that can be a site of collective therapy, and that invites those who see my work to consider the magic within themselves.